Audient iD22 Product Video


The Challenge

Audient are designers and manufacturers of products for music recording and production. Upon completing their iD22 Audio Interface, Audient commissioned Swerve to produce a series of videos to tie in with the launch of the product. The challenge was to create three stunning and intriguing aspirational videos that communicated the different uses and markets for the product.

The Execution

We delivered three videos that bridged the gap between the quality product which is synonymous with Audient's offering and reputation, and the lifestyle and aspirations of the people who actually use the interface. In effect this meant that Audient could reach out to a wider audience for the iD22 and make a greater impact with their versatile and intriguing videos.

The Solution

Specifications were developed for each of the 'classical', 'rock' and 'urban' videos to ensure they were simultaneously unique and coherent as a collection. Different editing, after effects, lighting and shooting were employed to generate different atmospheres for each target market. Product shots and feature overlays were used throughout to tie the videos together.

Project Features

  • Directing and HD filming
  • Video editing
  • Colour grading and text overlays
  • Export and file provision
  • Project management

“We have just finished a project with Swerve Concepts and they were awesome from start to finish! The goal was to showcase our new pro audio product in a way that was visually and aurally appealing by producing 3 unique music videos. Swerve Concepts and videographer Seth Baines were instrumental in realising our vision and the end results are fantastic. They were accommodating, patient and professional with great attention to detail. The results speak for themselves!”

Tom Waterman, R&D - Audient