Website Design & Development

Dovetail Kitchens

The Challenge

The team at Dovetail design, manufacture and fit bespoke kitchens in the South of England. They approached us to design a website that embodied the high quality craftsmanship that they have come to be known for. The purpose of the site was to showcase the work and experience of Dovetail, whilst also communicating the friendly and efficient nature of the company.

The Execution

We produced a simple and elegant design for Dovetail, allowing the stunning product shots in the flash slideshow to take prominence across the site. The clean navigation and carefully planned content structure allow for a superb user experience. Through combining WordPress with our bespoke CMS, we provided Dovetail with a strong platform with which to manage their online presence.

The Solution

The site effectively communicates the quality and care of Dovetail craftsmanship. The header slideshow demonstrates the breadth of their work, and further information on specific kitchen types and design approaches can be discovered through the introduction of a blog. Tying all of this together is a clean, simple navigation that offers a seamless user experience.

Project Features

  • Custom website design and development
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Blog development and integration
  • Product image flash slideshow
  • Ongoing SEO and internet marketing campaigns

“I asked Swerve Concepts to design the website for my bespoke Kitchen company. They were amazing! What made the difference for me was the way the Swerve team were able to understand my business by asking the right questions and listening attentively to my answers. They then went on to represent my company graphically in a way that blew my socks off. It seems to me that this gift of being able to listen and interpret is right at the centre of what makes Swerve Concepts so good at what they do.”

John Kirby, Founder - Dovetail Kitchens