Brand Development, Merchandise & Website

Flight Brigade

The Challenge

Flight Brigade are an upcoming alternative-rock band. They asked us to design and produce a website to showcase their music, videos and update fans on their latest work and upcoming gigs. The band was keen to offer an innovative mechanism to display their rich array of music videos on the landing page.

The Execution

Swerve designed and produced a video carousel for the landing page to immediately engage users with the bands music and visual style. In addition to the videos were blog, shop, biography and gig pages to draw users into the site and encourage further interaction.

The Solution

Since its release the Flight Brigade website has attracted followers from around the world, with fans from locations as widespread as Singapore and Canada watching their videos and buying their merchandise and music. The video for ‘Sirens’ was picked up by Vimeo and showcased as a staff pick.

Project Features

  • Slick homepage video carousel
  • Design inspired by their musical style
  • Pay-pal integrated shop
  • Content managed blog

“Swerve Concepts have done absolutely loads of brilliant work for us. They tailored everything together: the website, posters, music downloads, video - our whole online presence, so it's perfectly suited to our band. All the images and design have exactly the right feel to compliment our music. Whilst it's very creative and aesthetically pleasing, it's also clear and easy to use, this has been key in ensuring that fans have got what they want quickly and without confusion. We're also delighted that people can find us so quickly in Google. A fan commented the other day that the 'design and artwork are second-to-none.”

Miriam Baines, Operations Officer & Accordionist - Flight Brigade