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Make it Fair Trade

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The Challenge

In recent years a number of large chocolate manufacturers have made a handful of their popular bars 'ethical' by buying cocoa through the Fairtrade scheme. This means from sources where the workers who harvest the beans get paid a fair wage for their work. Bars such as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk have received the Fairtrade label. We want more, ideally all, chocolate bars to become fairly traded.

The Execution

To quote one user, Swerve came up with a ‘sweet shop experience’. Visitors get to browse a wide range of chocolate bars and choose their favourite. By making the site super-simple and introducing a competitive element (the leaderboard), we hope to both put the Fair Trade message in front of as many people as possible and influence the buying decisions of major chocolate manufacturers.

The Solution

Swerve launched Make It Fair Trade in September 2012 and within the first week received thousands of votes utilising Social Media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The initiative was met with enthusiasm from users and organisations and continues to flourish as votes, Tweets, and Facebook ‘likes’ rise on a daily basis.

Project Features

  • Concept generation based on ethical consumer trends
  • Voting system
  • Social media sharing functionality
  • Dynamic leaderboard generation
  • Product photography

“It is ideas like this that change lives. I am so impressed with its clean simple look and mechanic.”

Tiffany-Alice Ewins, Ordinand and Mother