Custom SignUpAnywhere Form


The Challenge

The Movember Foundation is a charity committed to changing the face of men’s health. They help fund programmes to improve the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. For their events, Movember needed a smart and efficient way to collect the email addresses of potential mo-growers even when an internet connection wasn't available.

The Execution

Using our HTML5 app, SignUpAnywhere, we gave Movember the ability to have multiple members of their team collect signups at events across the globe. Their form featured slick Movember branding, additional fields, opt in text and a newsletter checkbox. The data from all their forms is automatically synched to a single, easy to manage, online account.

The Solution

Movember now has a quick and effective way of collecting the details of potential mo-growers. They can manage their lists using the SignUpAnywhere dashboard and quickly download the data. The app is a joy to use and reflects the ethos of the Movember brand.

Project Features

  • SignUpAnywhere HTML5 app
  • Slick custom form design
  • Industry standard security
  • Simple .csv download

"I wish my moustache was as good as this custom SignUpAnywhere form"

A potential mo-grower