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Moving Performance

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The Challenge

Moving Performance use the power of music and musical participation to help companies improve business performance. They run leadership development programmes and facilitate company conferences and away-days. Swerve was asked to create a brand and website which effectively communicated this to corporate audiences, whilst still reflecting the creativity and power of music.

The Execution

We created a strong corporate brand based on the creativity of Moving Performance. The brand is supported by bold use of colour and imagery on the website, fusing together a musical yet corporate feel to appeal to Moving Performance's target audience. In addition, blogs, video content and testimonials are used to further promote the benefits of their services.

The Solution

Moving Performance were so pleased with the website that they engaged us to work on a plethora of additional marketing campaigns. These included SEO training to help them maximise their online presence, design of their business stationery, and a range of fliers, posters and magazine adverts.

Project Features

  • Brand development
  • Website design and development
  • Print design
  • Blog integration

“Swerve Concepts immediately grasped the fact that we were a company who understood businesses and their people, yet wanted to uniquely use the power of music to affect change and learning. We needed to look relevant. Their brand design was a stroke of genius, and the subtlety of the features, look and feel of the website are constantly remarked on by our clients.”

Ben Hines - Director, Moving Performance