HTML5 SaaS Application


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The Challenge

We set ourselves the challenge of making an efficient way for businesses to collect email addresses at trade shows, exhibitions, events and retail outlets. We wanted to encourage people to use it by providing a super-simple user experience and a beautiful interface. It also needed to allow clients to keep collecting email addresses even if their internet connection was flaky or non-existent.

The Execution

Our solution is called SignUpAnywhere. There are three parts to it: a website to introduce visitors to the concept, a free version to allow people to use it without making a commitment or investment, and a subscription version that allows clients to customise it to technical and branding requirements. We used HTML5 to make it available to the maximum number of mobile devices.

The Solution

SignUpAnywhere is fun for people to use and leaves a good impression. The sign-up form has been carefully designed to help the client collect email addresses as quickly and as easily as possible. It automatically syncs when it regains an internet connection and data can be downloaded as a simple .csv file. All synced data is backed up daily to multiple secure locations.

Project Features

  • Beautiful interface
  • Works without wifi
  • Sets up in only two minutes
  • Super secure SSL certificate
  • Simple .csv download

"SignUpAnywhere was able to deliver a custom email and data collection platform with a crisp, branded design in a remarkably short period of time. This is an easy-to-use and powerful tool in era of data-driven marketing.

Kevin Luby - Scarpa