Team UNICEF Animation


The Challenge

Team UNICEF was created to increase the charity’s productivity in sports development and fundraising. In the early stages of forming the concept, UNICEF asked Swerve to help them create an animation that would communicate the story of Team UNICEF and a clear and engaging way.

The Execution

UNICEF were delighted with the animation and the simple method it used to deliver the core message. They were so pleased with it they quickly commissioned a second version to be used globally as a centerpiece of their communications around the World Cup.

The Solution

The animation needed to communicate a lot of information by way of an introduction to the concept. Swerve opted for a minimalist approach that allowed people time and space to absorb everything. In doing this, the piece worked liked an elevator pitch that communicated the logic, history, tone and major partners of Team UNICEF in 90 seconds.

Project Features

  • Idea development
  • Animation
  • Sound Design & Music
  • Copywriting

"We have now worked on two projects with Swerve both of which have exceeded our expectations. Swerve have a fantastic talent for interpreting a brief and delivering highly engaging and effective animations that deliver results. Their most recent piece of work has been the key communication vehicle for our new Team UNICEF strategy attracting positive feedback from around the world and meeting all our objectives."

Alex Lee, Head of Corporate Partnerships Development - UNICEF